Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chaminade or St. Anthony's?

This is a tough decision, one that will ultimately be made from the heart by our beautiful boy. I suggested he pray about it & then wait for an answer-some guidance from God. The three of us got a good feeling from both schools.
In the meantime I thought it would be fun to conduct a poll on the subject. You can participate by voting on the side bar to the right of this post. Below is a list of what we thought were pros & cons for each school that may help you decide on your answer. Also, we would love to hear your ideas. Please click on the word comments at the bottom of this post to leave yours. This is a long read, so we want you to know how much we appreciate your time & vote.

Chaminade -enrollment: 1600 founded by the Marianist Bros. in 1930.


  • Excellent reputation
  • All boys school
  • Rigorous academic program
  • Qualified students have the opportunity to complete an entire college freshman year.
  • Required curriculum includes 4 years of religion, 4 years of foreign language & 3 years of fine arts.
  • 90% of students are in one or more student activities
  • Our student tour guide told me their day begins when their classes are over & everyone participates in after school activities.
  • The school loves dogs, 2 of which I met at their open house for accepted students yesterday. I heard there are a few more that live on the grounds as well & students help walk them.
  • They serve Edy's soft serve in the cafeteria.
  • Students have the opportunity to use the swimming pool to do laps after school.
  • 100% of of grads go on to colleges, universities & military academies.
  • Wonderful String Orchestra.


  • All boys school
  • School is located in a congested neighborhood
  • large class sizes
  • I get the impression that many boys are pressured to go there once they are accepted.
St Anthony's -enrollment 2400 founded on the Franciscan principle, "Capture the heart and the mind will follow"-since 1933. Religious community: Franciscan Brothers Community in Brooklyn.


  • Ian's math & science teachers believe this is the school for him
  • Excellent academic reputation
  • Obvious school spirit
  • Co-ed
  • Required curriculum includes 4 years of Theology, 3 years of foreign language, 1 year of art, music or drama.
  • 75% is considered a passing grade, & an 80% is required to obtain a letter of recommendation to any college or university.
  • Located in a quiet area of LI
  • S.A.L.T. Saint Anthony's leadership team is a group of students that among other good works help freshman acclimate to H.S. life.
  • Their music program tours Europe & the U.S. performing for various Cathedrals & Basilicas. This year their Orchestra is performing for the Pope during their winter break.
  • The students I met with were confident, friendly & well spoken.
  • Students are accepted to fine colleges & universities, many with scholarships, Two of which were recently accepted to the prestigious & very difficult to get into Cooper Union -Engineering.
  • I also noted that several of their students went to excellent art colleges indicating their student body consists of artistic personalities.
  • Offers Honors and advanced placement programs to qualified students. These classes are smaller classes with about 15 students-a definite plus.


  • Co-ed school (though Ian I think, would like this)
  • large class sizes
  • large student body-800 more than Chaminade


Prisicilla's G'ma said...

That is so hard! Have to think about it more and read your blog a couple of times.

nowriter said...

I'm sensing you like St. Anthony's more. That's why I voted for it. Plus, his teachers think it's a good fit. Good luck. I'm sure he'll do well wherever he lands.

Lisa said...

You write with warmth for St. Anthony's, plus they're Franciscans - and I've always loved the Franciscans. So I voted for them! Oh and the whole touring Europe thing, how kewl would that be???? GO Franciscans!

PG said...

Looks like St. Anthony's maybe the one for now, I, like Lisa have always been partial to the Franciscans. Charminade is very conservative I hear. Then Ian's middle name and his father is named Anthony, any connection? Both schools have so much to offer. PG

Diane said...

Hi Guys,

Love reading all you write. I vote for St. Anthony's because I think the school is more opened minded, but on the other hand if he went to Chaminade he will be going to school with my nephew Andrew, how cool would that be. But my vote is still with St. Anthony's. Talk to you later.