Monday, February 4, 2008

Animal House

This weekend we had the pleasure of a lovely house guest. She's a pretty gal that goes by the name of Nipper. She has the sweetest face & a very friendly disposition.

Not that Sylvia appreciated Nippers good nature-No, not in the slightest...

When Nipper wasn't sitting on her perch by the warm radiator,

we could often find her hanging out under the kitchen table.

Or perhaps doing a nice sun salutation...

Or mostly just looking around trying to find out what everybody else was doing.

Priscilla spent the first day climbing up the length of my body trying to get to a safe spot on top of my head. I think at one point for like a split second, she did.
By the second day all of this made her very sleepy.

In fact, she was so sleepy she seemed to get to a point where she was like, "OK, whatever... I'm going to just go & lay down over here by my masters elbow where I should be safe & catch me a little shut- eye."

Nipper looked forlorn, like she was wondering why the grey cat was hissing at her & the little dog was running in the opposite direction. She noticed the humans were nice enough, but what was with these animals in this house?

Meanwhile, what could Sylvia possibly be thinking?


Lisa said...

This was hilarious!

Priscilla's Gma said...

I see what you mean about Sylvia's 'look'. Great story, loved it.