Sunday, May 18, 2008

Poppies in morning light

I love our garden and these flowers are among my favorites. I must admit I have many favorite flowers though. After my last intense post it is only fitting that I share something so light and hopeful and full of spirit like these awesome flowers. That is how these flowers make me feel whenever I see them in our backyard in the early morning hours. That happens to be the best time to go and see the garden. In the earliest part of a new day when all is quiet and I am just waking up it helps me to see nature alive and vibrantly alert. It's better than caffeine!
I find this photo very appealing because it captured a lot of what I notice about this little patch of what makes this one of my favorite places in the garden. The Poppies are noticeably going through their many different stages complete with their various colors and textures. These are exciting flowers to have in ones garden. They reseed themselves so each year I get a few more as they spread across the ground. During their final stage where their seed pod turns from a bright feathery green to a light almost brittle brown the seeds are released to grow new plants that come back later in the summer. In between it looks as if everything has completely died out only many more are actually propagating almost entirely unnoticed.
When I first inherited this garden I tried to cut these poppies to display inside but they barely lasted half an hour in a glass of water. The cool thing about these flowers is that you have to go outside and visit them if you want to enjoy their beauty.

"Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed."
~Walt Whitman

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Anonymous said...

Oriental Poppies? These used to grow alongside our house in Iowa - oh how I miss them! One of my favorites also. I am definitely not a green thumb, but I am oh so glad my mother has been all her life.Flowers evoke such memories tied up with strong emotion, quite like music for me...