Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First golf outing

Yesterday was the first annual golf outing in memory of my brother-in-law Paul. It was held at the Lido golf club in Long Beach, NY. Paul's beloved companion Diane organized the event in his name to honor him. There must have been 250 people there. The night before we had thunderstorms and the weather forecast for Tuesday wasn't very hopeful. Yesterday morning before I opened my eyes I heard the man on the radio say, "It looks like we are going to have a beautiful day today." He was right about that. Check out the photos.

This was at the very beginning of the day. Everyone was just starting out at around 1PM.

Here they are finishing up. It was that end of day feeling. The light was beautiful. As the sun was setting, the cousins practiced putting.

It was a day filled with mixed emotions. It is beautiful that so many people attended the event showing their love and support for Paul and his family. Everyone came together sharing something Paul loved to do. Funds were raised for two important organizations here on Long Island.

And, even though we weren't able to see him, it's not as if Paul wasn't there. Knowing Paul, I saw him there when his siblings won their raffle prizes and when his niece and nephews got lucky somehow and was able to drive the golf cart around the course most of the day. I felt Paul with us when his two sister-in-law's were laughing hysterically at their inability to pick out soda while on a soda run. Paul was there when his brothers and sister played an excellent game of golf. He was also there when a family friend brought flowers to his mother, and another thoughtfully gave his Mom a shirt to wear to match the ones their foursome was wearing. And then at the end, through the kindness of his siblings, Paul gave Diane roses.

Thank you Paul for always reminding us about what's important and thank you for blessing us with your generous spirit.


Anonymous said...

You writing conveyed the day brilliantly. Reading your words allowed me to also feel the emotion and closeness of Paul. And the photos are gorgeous! The sky looks as if it were painted.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Quasi-what kind words-I got lucky with the sky!

Mignon said...

Your post reminded me of my BIL who passed 3 years ago. He was very fond of golf. What a way to get loved one together. It sounds wonderful.Peace...

Lily Hydrangea said...

I'm so sorry you have had a similar experience.
I see Paul's friends & family remembering him by doing the things he loved to do which is a nice way to remember him.
Thanks, M