Monday, June 2, 2008

Look at This!!!

This week is finals week for our son and this is what I found when I walked into our spare room last night. Not that I haven't seen this before. It's just that I can't get over how much information the students in his 8th grade class are expected to digest and retain. It seems like a ton.
As my husband sat in the car, about to leave for the golf range, Ian suddenly yelled out the window, "Mom I know my final is important but so is spending quality time with my Dad, so I think I better go with him." I couldn't find an argument for that. I mean exactly how much time is he supposed to study? I trust him to know for himself or at least give him the space to find out through his own experience.
Please say a prayer for all the children who are under pressure these next few weeks as they prepare for their finals. Please pray for them so that they can deal with whatever the outcome may be. They need our support, especially the ones who don't have any support.


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister! Praying...
I can hardly wait to spend some quality time with my nephew and you and Anthony

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thank you dear QM...US too!!!