Monday, July 21, 2008

wow, what a weekend!

Last night I finally finished watching Dan In Real Life. I had to see it, mainly because Steve Carell is in it and like most comedians I think he is a good actor. Anyway, I liked what he said at the end of the film. Talking about life and how most people make plans, he said, "...plan on being surprised..." So true I thought, because I have to tell you no one was more surprised than me this last weekend when I picked up the early Sunday edition of Newsday on Saturday and saw my other blog, Long Island Daily Photo featured in an article written by Darren Sands. When Darren first wrote me in May I wasn't really sure what to think. As a writer for Newsday, he told me he wanted to do a feature article about LIDP. Hard to believe, I thought, why me? I do love this blogging stuff. I can't get enough of what is happening in the blogosphere. There are just so many interesting people out there sharing their interesting experiences.
So let's just say when you consider how much time I spend (a lot) writing and taking pictures for my blogs, I felt pretty lucky standing in Waldbaums early Saturday morning finding the story written in Newsday's LI Life section about Long Island Daily Photo.

Yes, I knew the story was coming out, but I had no idea what it was going to be like. Never having been interviewed I wondered, did I talk too much? Would I be a good representative for the blogging community? -which I love, by the way. Opening up the paper in the supermarket, I immediately found the article. I could hardly believe what I saw. It was hard to hold back my tears of disbelief and joy. I may as well have left the building because upon my discovery I could barely focus on much else after seeing that yes, this was indeed true, Darren actually wrote the story and it is now published in Long Islands largest newspaper. So much for my anonymity!

I didn't want to read it until I got home so I could share it with my husband and son. After all, these two people are a great inspiration to me-one can't help but be creative when you live with such great creative minds. So husband and son loved the article Darren wrote and they loved the photos he included. So thank you husband and son for always being there for me. Thanks Darren for writing your beautiful story. Thank you Mom and Dad and my dear family and friends for visiting my blog, encouraging me. Thanks Blogger for hosting my blogs. Thank you my fellow bloggers for all of your inspiration, especially Eric Tenin who inspired LIDP and Petrea Burchard who first welcomed me at Paris daily Photo. and lastly but definitely not leastly thank you Quasi-Mom for telling me I should start a blog way back when.
I know, I know, all of these thanks may sound a little too much like an acceptance speech at the Oscar's but now is the time for me to be grateful and thankful- and that I am. Oh yeah, thank you Jesus...
Here you see one of my favorite animal lovers holding the baby of the family who just turned three yesterday. Happy Birthday Priscilla!


Double Hawk said...

I hated Dan in Real life. We watched the first 15 minutes of it and gave up. I'm assuming Priscilla is 3? If so Happy Birthday Priscilla!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome.. and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Double Hawk, our two friends, and I tried to watch Dan in Real Life and we had to turn it off. We saw your article in the paper. Heh, it was really interesting and weird since we know the people mentioned. Congrats. ~Priscilla's 'aunt'

Anonymous said...

There are moments in time that are never forgotten and relived in the future. This is one of them. Thank you for letting us be part of the fun. Prescilla's Grma

Petrea said...

Okay, this is weird because this is the first time I've clicked over to your anonymous blog, and my name was in it.

You deserve all the recognition! Long Island should be proud of you because you spread goodwill with your camera and your words.

Many congratulations and best wishes to you, Lily Hydrangea.

Lily Hydrangea said...

DH, yes Priscilla is 3! Hard to believe how the time has passed so quickly.
Maybe I enjoyed Dan in real Life because I am entertainment starved-but I found it funny at least in some parts.
I'm glad for all your comments you guys. It's just fun, you know?

Lily Hydrangea said...

Petrea, that is weird, but I'm so glad you came over! Thank you for your kind words of support, your so nice.