Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weight loss update

Last Saturday was a bit disappointing. I had weighed myself before I left for my Weight Watchers meeting and it looked like I had lost 1-2 pounds. When I got to the meeting I found out I only lost a meager .2 pounds! I have no explanation for this, I didn't eat a thing before my meeting & my scale has always read the same as WW's, so I don't know what the deal is. I must be in some sort of unconscious denial because I even felt like I lost weight.
So that must mean I lost about a tablespoon of fat, right?
The other not so good news is Friday was the last time I exercised. I had a bad cold so I just went for a one hour walk. I only ran 6.4 miles last week. I wasn't even close to meeting my 12 mile weekly running goal. I was planning on running Thursday & Saturday but I wasn't planning on being sick. Today I am fine so I will begin again and run some distance to get me back on track.

Tomorrow I will weigh myself again as my way of participating in Blog Action Day for Poverty. I planned on donating a pound of food for every pound I lost since I posted about it on October 7th here on this blog. Though I have to say given the state of poverty in the world, whatever weight in food I wind up giving will be small potatoes compared to how much is needed.


lisak said...

OK woman - you sound a little down. You can donate as much as you've lost since you started WW, who says you can't? Another thing- did you ever think maybe just maybe your body has hit some kind of plateau? It may sound silly but all I have ever heard is that everyone's body is different and we all lose differently, we all respond to exercise differently, some of us hit plateaus many more times than others. Maybe you need some other type of exercise to do, maybe you need a change? Maybe an exercise DVD at home - maybe this is a great time to buy a wii and get wii fit? Maybe you and Uncle A could take dance classes or you and I???? Change it up sister. I write all of this with love so that when my time comes you will give me some love too. And maybe their scale was messed up? it happens you know electronic equipment malfunctions without people knowing it ;0)
Love you

Lily Hydrangea said...

You are giving me goosebumps...I love you too SoulSis.

MuseSwings said...

Who knows why the WW scales don't say what they are supposed to - could it be air pressure? Could it be ...don't get yourself down - especially for not running while you were sick. You did yourself a favor by resting. Keep working at it and try not to get discouraged about the most discouraging thing we women try to do - lose a couple of pounds that just don't want to go.

Kitty said...

oh well, you can make another donation in a month.

Do you feel too hungry sometimes? Do you ever feel full? Are you drawn to carbs?

My thing is that I can eat tremendous amounts of food and not feel full. I started taking 5-htp for this and the blues. It's herbal and elevates your serotonin level so you sleep better, feel better emotionally, feel full after eating a normal meal.

I never realized that such symptoms were linked until this week. I feel wonderful. Read the the blurb on wiki and see if it's for you? I've been taking 50 mg each night and I feel really good.