Tuesday, November 11, 2008

who wouldn't love this man?

top ten things I love about my baby...

He is a true artist.

His love of New York and sharing it with me.

His ability to keep a confidence, I have never known him once to be indiscreet. Your secret is always safe with him.

His gentle nature, he would never hurt a fly...literally!

He is always interesting to have a conversation with, he seems to have an unending knowledge on most every subject.

He makes me laugh on a regular basis.

He knows what is important in life.

He takes care of his family.

I love how he shares his cherished childhood memories.

He is such a great Dad, always demonstrating his love for our son.

Have you ever met someone who completely inspired you from the first day you met? For me, that would be my husband. I met this man when I was in high school & we have been friends ever since. He is my hubby and my best friend & I love him. Today happens to be his birthday and if he happens to stop by here today I just wanted him to see I was thinking about him much like I do every day.
Happy birthday dear love of my life!


Redneck Krug Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday Uncle A! We love ya too...
Those Southern Krug's

Annie said...

what a lovely tribute to your husband for his birthday..he sounds like a lovely person..and you do too!

I enjoyed scrolling down thru the rest of your posts and enjoyed your comments on the election. I also enjoy your photos on your other blog. I visit NY from time to time to see my daughter(and love it, as I may have said before) ..one year we actually got to go to Long Island Beach which was fun..on the train..and she has church camps on Shelter Island. A place I would like to see next time!


ps Thanks for visiting!

Arnold Layne said...

That's really sweet, it's great that you show your appreciation for him in such a straight-forward way. Your love will never die.

MuseSwings said...

Bravo to your husband for being wonderful - and to you for finding him - or did he find you?

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogversary!

Double Hawk said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Anthony! I hope you had an enjoyabled day. -Jenna

Lydia said...

That is a really touching post.
You're a lucky couple I can tell.

Kitty said...

aw that is so cool that you met in High School. What a rare, rare thing.

it's lovely to have someone so dear in your life, and lovely to be so valued. So nice to see that you have each other.

Happy birthday to Mr. Lily!

Lily Hydrangea said...

sometimes I forget to read comments after the post has been up and then I finally think to check and when I do, I get all these surprises.
Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I can't wait to tell Mr. Lily that he was wished Happy Birthday too.