Monday, February 23, 2009

it's not good

I gained 2.2 pounds last week & .6 this last Saturday, bringing my total gain these last two weeks up to 2.8 ! So now I have to lose 9 pounds instead of 6. I wasn't happy with this turn of events & I can list a million reasons why it hasn't been easy to stay on course as of late but I'd rather focus on what I need to do today. Besides, like my leader asked us at my last meeting, "what is easier? being overweight and unhealthy or losing weight and having energy?" When it's said like that it seems so obvious. Yet we all know it isn't easy to lose weight... so there lies the wild card. Then I think, once I lose the weight, it'll be easier. I know if I want to be a lifetime member of Weight Watchers I'll need to stay within two pounds of my goal weight. I think I have the ability to do that. The big question now is, do I have the willingness?
I had a good weekend as far as calorie consumption. I wrote down everything that I ate. I drank all the water I was supposed too. I also made sure I slept enough. Yesterday I even walked for an hour. I feel like I've had a bit of an attitude adjustment since I went back to my meetings. Despite my gain, my Weight Watchers leader seems to be good with turning people's attitudes around. One of my worst habits is not monitoring myself. When I neglect writing down what I am eating, I become like an amnesiac & "forget" to eat the healthy stuff first. This sets off even more cravings since junky food always leaves me wanting more. Now that I have found out that I have a high metabolism I am starting to realize how important it is for me to eat at least 1600 calories a day or else I won't lose weight. If half of those 1600 calories aren't nutritionally up to par, like foods loaded with nutrients that will give me energy, I have found my body will only crave more food until I do get those nutrients thus adding way too many calories.
So last Saturday I got back from my meeting and made my yogurt soy milk berry banana shake. It tastes good, it's loaded with all good things and it gives me energy.
Here is the recipe and here's to hope that I lose some weight this week!
I use organic ingredients whenever possible, but if I can't, I just substitute with whatever is available.

1 cup of frozen organic blueberries ( I like Trader Joe's)
half of a banana
1 cup organic nonfat plain yogurt
1 cup organic soy milk
2 packets stevia

I use a hand held blender to mix the blueberries with the soy milk a little at a time. Then I add the yogurt & the cut up banana, stevia and mix again.

For Weight Watchers, it's 4 points. ( or 350 calories)
TIP~ if my bananas are getting really ripe, I like to put them in the fridge & use them to make the shakes a little more "shake" like.

~ a picture of the goodness


MuseSwings said...

What a lovely color! Looks like a delicious smoothie

Soulsis said...

first of all I cannot believe what a difference the background color makes on your blog! I loved it before but now it's like opening a present every time i check in! Love the shake - Josie would really love it, blueberries and raspberries are her all time faves. As for the whole weight stuff - I hear ya sister! Keep on keeping on! Love ya!

MmeBenaut said...

I just love the new look!!

Glennis said...

Looks and sounds nice but what is 'stevia' never heard of that!
Good luck with the weight loss, all you really have to do is exercise more and eat less! So simple, but quite hard I know, I struggle too.
I do lots of walking specially up hill walking and eat more salad and fruit and vegetables, fish instead of meat and it is slowly working.

Barbara said...

The blueberry color makes it look almost alien :) It looks good though... I love blueberries...

willow said...

Fabulous color! Sounds dee-lish. Thanks for the recipe.

GrandmaKathleen said...

I have never mixed blueberries and bananas for a smoothie. Will need to try your recipe, it sounds yummy. I just picked up a pint of blueberries at Trader Joe. I love that place. We now have one in RI so I can visit weekly.