Friday, March 6, 2009

o r g a n i s e

It' s been almost an entire month since I last wrote about this little corner of my basement so I will post the before and after pics together here. I've heard it said that Spring is the perfect time to clean out your home. I guess that is what is known as "spring cleaning"...sadly, I don't think I've ever done that!
I am starting from the ground up but I am working throughout the house as well.
This may not look like much, and if you remember, yes, I know, it was sooo long ago... I took the "before" pics after I already started cleaning so you didn't get to see how bad it really was, but I just have to say, what a relief it is to now to be able to walk in this corner of my basement! I can quite clearly and easily see what it is I need to get without feeling like I will be bitten by a spider or attacked by a cricket. Actually, the crickets don't attack, they just like to jump real high which kind of makes me jumpy.
Tomorrow I will post a picture of my next basement corner do over.

This is before:

and after:

another view of before:

and after:

"[Stuff] robs people of so much...If your house is full of stuff, all the blessings that could fill your house can't get in. The stuff takes over. It robs you psychologically. You can't be at peace."~from Oprah's organizational guru Peter Walsh

To see more of Peter as well as some AMAzing before & after pics, please go here.


Lydia said...

ok. This one is being linked over at Clutterquake. Right. Now.
Lily, your before shots absolutely validate my feelings of being utterly overwhelmed by the clutter in our small house and garage. I'd be happy if my husband would improve the state of the garage to your before status; no kidding. I can't even think of tackling the garage or my projects in the house would never happen. Today I made baby steps in the office by the kitchen. I thought it was a good place to start spring cleaning.

Thank you for this post, and congratulations on that shining corner of your basement. I mean that sincerely, but then I know you know I do! :)

Anonymous said...

Here via Lydia. I did a similar post last year when I painted and organized my basement. It's so much more pleasant to be in now. Good work!

Ted Bagley said...

Sounds like doing good for others is including them in my life or letting them go, otherwise they will just have a life of their own. If I hang on to them to hang on then I will only end up feeling irritated because I feel excluded.
You showed nicely a relationship with things.