Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weird dreams

What does it mean to be walking in the water on potato sized soft rocks that you can see through the water along a shoreline searching for your husband while simultaneously avoiding some type of terrorists? Then you see a bridge in the distance, you know it's the bridge to your favorite beach (in waking life) and you start to fear that you can't keep walking around it so you contemplate crossing over it. Meanwhile as you continue to walk in the water, you see large empty row boats that crew teams use. there are a bunch of them floating around and they look extra large. They also happen to be the boats from your son's high school crew team. It's also really hot out and the water is almost stagnant, not really moving.
Sometimes I think I just make up my dreams as I am dreaming and they mean absolutely nothing. At times I just get tired of dreaming so much and wish I would just sleep soundly.


Merrily Down the Stream said...

Wow - I think there is a LOT in there!

- the rocks/ground isn't solid
- you are looking for your hubby
- you are afraid to take a bridge to your favorite place
- boats are empty
- water is stagnant

I am no expert - just an amateur dream interpreter...
My interpretation? Things are changing - not as set in stone as before. Son will be leaving the nest one day - where does that leave me and me and my husband? What do I/we really want? I feel stagnant and growth is required and growth comes as a result of pain... Really good questions - a reevaluation is immenent...
Should I stop now???


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belenajerseycity said...

Hey I enjoy dreams, so here is what I think:)Happiness is as close as you want it to be, the solutions are clear, just like the water, but you avoid it because you fear it like the terrorist; your husband is with you in your journey, as long as you let him in. the crew boats seem to let you know that an entire team is needed to accomplish the task, , but this team won't move anywhere until you decided to mobilize them, so take the first step and go forward, and take the help of those who are around you :)
have a great day:)

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MmeBenaut said...

I think dreams are like a triage station. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff in the memory banks. It intrigues me how our brains can make a story out of all that sifting.