Sunday, June 14, 2009

another weird dream

my husband, son & I were living in an unknown city on the top of a store front. somehow in that weird dream like way that only happens in dreams & not in waking life, we knew the people of the city were being led to believe we were all getting sick and needed medication. We could hear people panicking by listening in on the activity in the street below & through the walls of the apartment building. Meanwhile it turned out the medication that was being dispensed was actually what was making everyone get sick & die. My family & I agreed to act healthy no matter how sick we felt.

At one point I was lost (by myself) in a huge mall (a mall that I've been to in other dreams) looking for an exit & finally finding my way out by winding up at my old job walking through Macy's Herald Square in Manhattan. Then for some reason my family & I thought we should go visit my husbands sister at her new home. while visiting, my sister-in-law & I had a lengthy discussion about furniture she was showing me & how she thought we should go look for some more to buy. I told her I needed to buy some too & remembered thinking in the dream that I couldn't recall exactly what type I needed.

Then my brother -in-law asked to borrow a pair of socks from my husband & my hubby asked me to get them. I jokingly asked my bro-in-law if he forgot to do his laundry. He got pissed off at me & told me to mind my own business. His girlfriend knocked at the door while he left the room, only it wasn't the girlfriend we knew. Apparently he had broken up with his old girlfriend unbeknownst to anyone else. I started getting upset because I loved his old girlfriend, but I didn't want the new one to feel out of place. She was sweet & pretty but completely opposite in every way to his old girlfriend who was also sweet & pretty yet still her exact opposite. the new one was a saleswoman who sold chocolate bars. As she moved her bag off the floor, my sister-in-law saw the extended family's names written on all her candy. She suspected she was planning on selling them to us. I told her it looked like her brother's handwriting & he probably bought some for us to have as a gift.
Next thing I know I'm driving with my sister-in law in the front seat & my husband, son, & mother-in-law are in the back. I decided to drive by our apartment. On the way I sense danger & start to speed, my mother-in-law doesn't tell me to slow down, this I find unusual. As I drive down the street I notice the store front's glass is broken & the windows are boarded up. When I look up, I see our apartment above boarded up as well with a red fabric banner and a yellow star on it, attached to one of the windows. Apparently this is the symbol that was used for homes where an entire family had died from the so called "illness".
I knew there was no turning back and no way to retrieve our belongings. I thought about how I would never get to look through my photo albums again. As I drove away from the building the atmosphere turned very much "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and I knew I had to drive away quickly. I didn't know if she knew what was going on but I asked my sister-in-law if we could stay at her place. She said the place we had been to earlier was just a place she met people & that her & my mother-in-law were actually sleeping at one of those storage warehouses at night. Somehow I immediately knew whoever was behind all this had plans for them to be next.

As I continued to drive it started to get dark & I didn't know how to get back to her place. My husband kept talking & I found it hard to get directions from my sis-in-law. Before I could tell him to be quiet, all the lights suddenly went out & I couldn't see the road. Next thing I knew, I drove off a huge bridge & the car was flying through the air & I could barely see where we were going though I could recognize shapes that implied a city in the distance. I thought to myself, I did everything I could and we will either land safely or die and there is nothing more for me to do. I just have to let go and accept. Then I woke up.
Talk about disturbing. & the disturbing feeling stayed with me for the entire morning. I purposely slept late so I could get some extra rest, Unfortunately I didn't feel rested after this dream. Does anyone else have dreams like this?


Anonymous said...

I think I need to take a nap, your dream is exhausting.:-)PGma

Lily Hydrangea said...

I know what you mean because that's exactly how I felt when I woke up!

Ian France said...

that was insane, I wish I had dreams like that.
It's like an action/adventure/drama/holocaust movie all in one.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a great movie... XD

Anonymous said...

Excellent description Ian France. Bridges usually mean 'crossing' over to another area of one's life. Not being able to get to the other side generally means one is not getting to where they want to go or get to. This might explain the lack of clarity of the 'city'. PGma

Anonymous said...

Amazing you remembered such a long dream in detail. Some time ago I read that most of our dreams are things that enter our brain the day before either by thought, sight, reading or conversation and much of it is sorted out during our dreams. At times in very odd ways I would say. Supposedly this keeps us from going crazy. I just love the way I run so easily in my dreams all the while telling myself I should do this when I'm not dreaming as well. The flying thing is a gas but not the falling off cliffs which is suppose to be a sign of loosing ones will. xxxxx

MmeBenaut said...

Wow, that was a busy dream. I've had very complex dreams before that I remembered all of the details of; usually they were disturbing in some way and I woke up thinking, thank goodness it was just a dream. That sudden waking up in fright almost is what makes me remember. Other dreams I remember bits and pieces but if I concentrate hard on remembering and articulate the dream to my husband immediately, I will remember it; otherwise it fades away.
Two nights ago I dreamed that I was at the funeral of my girlfriend's husband and I was jumping for joy and telling her that she was free at last. The next day my girlfriend told me that her husband had left her five weeks earlier. I told her that she was free at last of the burden she'd been carrying for 32 years. He didn't deserve her. But that was weird!