Thursday, June 4, 2009

giving up 400 plus channels

It's kind of funny to think about giving up so many channels to watch on TV. My husband, son & I basically got tired of the same frustrating scenario every time we sat down in front of the television as a family.
Is it unrealistic to think we would be able to find something to watch on TV at any given moment if we had 400 channels to choose from? Maybe it was the time of day that we chose to watch TV that made our experience more difficult. & Perhaps we will do better with more planning of the TV watching. Whatever the case may be, we thought less channels and a DVR may help our budget. I mean, why pay for premium cable when we weren't enjoying it? In having so many channels previously, it did seem like most movies eventually circulate around all the channels anyway.
So far our DVR has been hooked up for 2 weeks and none of us have read the DVR instructions. Lately we haven't had time to watch much TV and when we have it's just been rentals like, Semi Pro (it was hilarious, especially if you watch it with a teenager) & The X Files, I Want to Believe (I thought it was very good) so I really can't say if this is all for the better. I'll keep you posted.
I should add though, I do like the idea of saving $67 dollars every month!


Lydia said...

Excellent decision! In our area there are various "tiers" of cable, and we have basic. I don't know what's going to happen on June 12 when everything switches to digital. As with reading your DVR manual, I've taken a wait-and-see approach to this whole thing. We use our DVR much more in the summer, renting movies on cheap Tuesday here in our town. TV just doesn't offer that much. But come fall I do love to see my favorite shows again (that is if they haven't been cut).

Kitty said...

we love our DVR, which helps so much when you have a busy schedule. It's very easy to use.

I think eliminating channels is a great idea. More choice doesn't mean better!

Ian France said...

In these economically trying times, lowering the amount of TV you watch can be good for your budget. Also, try showering less - your water bill will decrease. I haven't showered for weeks and I feel great! (jk) XD