Monday, November 12, 2007

I don't want to go to weight watchers again...

But I have too. My blood pressure was 140 over 85. My DR said if I lost weight it would go down. She told me to monitor my sodium intake by reading labels. She said some foods taste salty but have very little sodium & some foods taste like they haven't any salt yet have a lot.

The truth is, I didn't want to go to the DR either. I dreaded the visit. I had agreed to see her in late September early October with the idea that I would have lost 15 pounds by then. I hate dieting though and when I realised I wouldn't lose 15 pounds the week before I was supposed to see my doctor, I cancelled my appointment. It is now November & I was replaying the same scenario. A week before the doctor visit I made the decision to see her no matter what I weighed. I was thinking of my blood pressure & realized I had to face the music. So I did.

She immediately took blood work after checking my blood pressure. Unfortunately I had pizza for lunch the day before as well as shrimp for dinner. I know the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says the high amount of cholesterol in shrimp is OK now-it may have something to do with the low fat content & fish oils. Still though-I had pizza too.

The next day was like a small miracle. I felt a resolve inside me that I haven't felt in ages. That day I ate what I thought I should eat & kept track of my calorie & sodium level consumption. I like eating healthy foods so as long as the willingness is there I'm OK. My total calorie intake for the day was approx. 1200. I felt sated, energized & happy. My sodium was around 1100mg. All day I actually wanted to lose weight. I don't remember ever really wanting to lose weight before. The last time I went to WW, I went because I thought I should go. It feels better wanting to go though. I hope that feeling helps me succeed.

The following day I started weight watchers again. Initially I didn't want to go because I remember by the time I was winding down with my first & last stint at ww, the point thing was driving me crazy. I actually lost 23 pounds and was losing or gaining .2 or .8 lbs. per week. This was excellent. At least I was reasonably maintaining. Looking back on it I can see the problem was I had a merde attitude. Only now, wanting to lose weight suddenly seems so much more important than quibbling over their point system. Then my husband suggested I focus on the great support I could get there. That is when I decided that I would track my calories along with following their program. This, in my mind would help me keep it real. I wouldn't have an excuse about being bothered by the points.

The good news is that when I weighed in I was already .6 pounds less than 2 days ago. I felt like I was in the groove.


AMF said...

there was a point about a year ago when i started tracking my calorie intake and the amount of calories i was burning per day. it was really hard at first, but over time i found it extremely helpful. thanks for the post.

Terre said...

You go, girl. Love the blog, you creative genius, you.