Friday, November 16, 2007

Seven days of dieting

& I don't even feel like I am on a diet as much as I feel like this is just what I am doing right now. I think that may be good. I don't even feel deprived. I hope all these feelings stay with me because mentally I feel so much better.

Yesterday when I got home I was ravenous for lunch-not something I recommend in terms of eating properly-but what I noticed while I was unwrapping the dark German wheat bread is how much better everything smells & tastes when I am truly hungry. I really enjoyed my sandwich. & this is good because according to Deepak Chopra it is very important for me to put my full attention on my meals while I am eating. I didn't speak to him personally, but I was lucky enough to take his Dosha quiz posted on his site at

I forget what body type I am but I do know my Kapha (body) & Vata (mind) need some work. No surprise there. It seems as though there is a heaviness, sluggishness, & congestion I need to deal with. If I focus on "activation & invigoration" by way of yoga, self massage, deep breaths, spicy, pungent,bitter & astringent foods, take a 5-15 minute walk after eating, drink invigorating tea & put my full attention on my meals as stated above-it should help. Who has time for all this?

& I didn't even tell you about what correcting my Vata entails, which is-Wait...I just don't think I can meditate 2X a day. I should also be creating rhythm & routine, a bedtime schedule, wear relaxing fragrances, listen to slow relaxing music, minimize heavy reading, TV, & eating at night & diffuse fragrances in my environment. Just listing this is stressing me out. Maybe I can fit in some Tai-Chi today. That's a lot like meditating. Even if I sit for a minute or two & try & quiet my mind- that's a start. & I can take the dog for a walk after lunch. I love to smell her, now there is a relaxing fragrance! Wow, maybe I can do some of this.

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Priscilla said...

Can we go now? I need the excercise.