Saturday, November 17, 2007

.4, not 4 pounds less this morning at 6:45AM

& this is why I woke up at 6AM on a Saturday morning-to find out I lost a whopping .4 pounds. Ugh ! After all that dieting & running & walking & stretching & cleaning the house...& then to tell my husband to which he replied,"Wait, what? .4, you mean not even half a pound? But you know he is always so reassuring, like when he said, "At least you can write about it on your blog."

It still is a quarter of a pound & if I add that to the .6 I lost the day before I started weight watchers, I have lost an entire pound in 8 days. It's just not going to be like the old days when I could drop 5 lbs. in three days. It doesn't matter that I never dieted when I was younger & that I'd notice my jeans got tight & then 3 days later they wouldn't be tight anymore & I barely even thought about it or much less tried. What matters is today. Maybe if I really struggle over this weight loss I'll do so much better in the long run-like I've bottomed out so badly the only way I can go is up & when I lose .2 pounds next week I'll still be grateful knowing all this.

Yeah, right.

Truthfully though, when I got to my meeting this morning I had a feeling I didn't lose any weight. & I didn't like that feeling but I still really want to lose weight & I know I am doing the best that I can & that is the most important thing. Like I was espousing to my son this week about his grades. I told him if he gets a 76 on his test but he did the best that he could, that's OK. Do you see the correlation?

So today is the start of my new week & I wrote on the back of my tally sheet that I commit to measuring my quantities of food more accurately. This won't be easy. I am a lot like my great grandmother when I cook-she never measured either. It's weird how I have inherited an aversion to measuring.
Well, at least my house is clean.

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