Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sick at home & stir crazy

If the TV service breaks, it will happen when you have a sick child at home.
So yesterday when the FIOS guy came to fix our TV service, Priscilla acted like she normally does by ferociously barking, running in circles, jumping as high as she can, feverishly sniffing the person & wagging her stubby tail. & everytime this happens I think, this is the last straw-I am definitely going to train her. This behaviour is unacceptable! I have to start reading Cesar again. Then the person leaves & I promptly forget about it only to be embarrassed again at a later date. Another viscious circle thingy in my life with the dog.

But you know, the FIOS guy was pretty cool bending down to pet her, trying to calm her. God knows what happened when I went upstairs while he worked. I did hear our cat Sylvia start her extremely loud mewing from the porch. Usually we leave her in there, but ever since her surgery to repair a large gash in her neck, she has taken full advantage of our sympathies allowing her more freedom in other parts of the house. Her mewing must have started to grate on FG's nerves because he relented & let her out of the porch. Can you imagine what he was thinking trying to work with Priscilla sniffing at his every body part & the cat's nagging mewing in his ear?

I guess it wasn't too bad because not only did he fix our service, he hooked up our TV in the basement,(even though I discouraged him from doing so) gave us a new remote & went through a fairly long tutorial about the remote to both my son & myself. Not that any of it will stick to my technically challenged brain- which is why I asked my son to be present while he instructed.

So the FIOS guy says to me, "Have you ever read Cesar's way?" as Priscilla is trying to have her way with the poor mans arm. Thankfully he caught on right away & put an immediate stop to it saving me from further embarrasment. I told him I did read some of it, but left out the part that I actually bought it for my husband as a gift from Priscilla herself last Christmas. By the way, my husband is a smart man who read the book, followed Cesar's instructions & now has a dog that actually listens to him-mostly, at least more so than she does to me.

So later on I find my cell phone has a message from Verizon informing me that the repair man cannot make the appointment for the day & I should call back to reschedule. When I tell my son about the message I ask him, "So who do you think that was that came over here then?" Of course he was like, "Mom you're creeping me out" Then I say, "maybe it didn't even happen-maybe we imagined the whole thing, maybe it was someone else & that's why he stayed so long." To which he replies, shaking the new remote at me, "Is this real Mom, does this new remote look real to you?"

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lisa said...

This is hilarious!