Sunday, November 18, 2007

I feel like I have an infant who won't let me sleep

only she is a Yorkshire terrier & her name is Priscilla. She seems to think her mission in life is to wake me up every night so I can go pee. It's a vicious circle.
One night during the summer I got up to use the bathroom. Of course she immediately jumps off the bed and follows me. Ever since then she thinks this is what we are supposed to do at 2, 3 or 4AM. Only I am not the one waking up-she wakes up, jumping off the bed landing on her bed on the floor that she is supposed to be sleeping in & proceeds to sit there & cry until I wake up.
When she first started doing this I would wonder if she was alerting me to something much like Lassie would do in the old TV series. Another night she did this when my twin nieces were sleeping over. I woke up to find her scratching & crying at their bedroom door. Not wanting to disturb the children I debated with myself if I should go in & check on them-it was 2AM. Finally I decide that I have too & not two seconds after I open the door Priscilla is on the bed hopping like a bunny from one twin to the next alerting them that it is now time to get up & play. Surely, she is thinking- this is why in fact they came over here in the first place & they don't really want to be spending the entire night sleeping anyway, right?

I think this is why there is a rumor going around that Yorkies are so smart. You only have to do something once & they pick up on it right away -developing it into a habit that they will never break. Priscilla must be especially smart because when it is raining out, she will not go outside to do her business unless accompanied by one of the humans she lives with holding an umbrella over her. & if the human isn't paying attention & holds the umbrella awry & not directly over her shielding her entirely from the rain-she looks up at you & waits until you get it right, & only then will she pee .

Priscilla readying herself to jump


AMF said...

she is very smart, but not always between 10PM and 6AM.

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Diana- love the blog - so glad you are putting yourself out there. You are giving me some chuckles. And making me think about my weight(ugh)! I really need to make that a priority so maybe reading this will propel me to some sort of beginning.
Keep it up woman!

Anonymous said...

I can also speak, but my parents do not like it, so I say 'hello' to my grandmother who loves to hear it. We do this in private when they are not around. It's not easy training humans.
Priscilla, :-)

Ian said...

She's definately the most obnoxious pup. If she wasn't so cute we would have kicked her out a long time ago. But alas, she is so cute.