Thursday, December 13, 2007

What I ate one Sunday...

To say food is very important to me is an understatement. Based on my own personal experience I believe if people paid more attention to what they ate (now, try not to laugh) we would have world peace. Proper nutrition is one of the most essential parts of life. We all should be fed-God knows there is enough for everybody-& we all should be fed well. If people are hungry or malnourished I have noticed they either get sick, or act crazy. Again, my opinion is based on my own personal experience. In other words, when I eat well, all is right with the world.
I often wonder what other people consume on a daily basis so I thought to myself, why not document a days worth of my own food consumption. First I had some coffee-my favorite beverage of choice, & always with 1/2 & 1/2 & sugar. It's just like dessert. I do have to stop having this first thing in the morning though. I need to drink warm water with lemon ala Deepak Chopra when I wake up & shortly after have a piece of fruit instead of coffee. I have done that in the past & I feel like I have much more energy with less cravings later in the day.
Then there is our traditional Sunday brunch. 4oz of 100% OJ for me, with an English muffin. Thomas' has one now that has 8 grams of fiber & it only costs you one point for weight watchers. I love this because I can put just a pat of butter on it with a little sugar free jelly & I only use up 2 more points- if that. I always use organic eggs, they are so much fresher & taste delicious & better for the planet too. These eggs are also high in omega 3 healthy oil making them the ultimate brain food. I make sure Ian has them for breakfast when he has a test in school. I use a zero calorie healthy oil cooking spray & made this omelet with organic American low fat cheese that does not remotely taste low fat. It tastes just like regular processed American cheese-very American.

Trader Joe's dark chocolate-the ultimate healthy chocolate. Perfect for when you need that little bit of sugar after a meal. Yes it has some sugar, but it is so rich in quality dark chocolate with lots of riboflavin & only 70 calories, just a little more than one point for one square. I like to savor it slowly. It has a wonderful after taste & I personally don't get heartburn like I get from cheaper milk chocolates that do nothing for me in the way of good health like this brand does.

Low fat fresh ravioli from Fairway. I can have eight of these & it is only 300 calories. Trader Joe's has a tasty inexpensive organic basil (my favorite herb) sauce. I love topping this with Costco's flavorful shredded Grana Padano Parmesan at only 20 calories per tablespoon, so 3 tbsps. only equal 1 point. & salad is a perfect diet food because you can eat as much as you want provided you go easy on the dressing. I don't worry about the dressings fat content as much as I care about how much I put on. For me, this just requires that I MEASURE my dressing. I find if I put on just two tbsp. of pretty much anything I like, it really is enough for the flavor I desire. I also don't care for most store bought zero calorie salad dressings. They just have way too many unpronounceable chemical names. I'd rather eat real food-just less of it rather than eat a chemical on my salad. & though I keep it at a minimum, I have enough chemicals in my diet soda!
& last but not least, dessert! Who doesn't like to eat at night while watching their favorite show? The two just go together perfectly, comforting yourself while totally spacing out in la la land, the perfect escape. Most of the time I don't eat at all at night anymore because I really want to lose ALL of my weight that I want to lose. Suddenly & I must say by the grace of God it is way more important to me than holding onto bad habits. That doesn't mean I still don't enjoy my dessert with TV on occasion. I like watching Sally Field in her show Brothers & Sisters. I like large families, it's like having instant friends. It is no wonder that my childhood best friend has 11 brothers & sisters & my husband has 7. So I make sure I watch this show on Sunday nights. I had lots of points left over( I exercised that day) so I was able to have the weight watchers cookies & cream ice cream bar that night while watching Sally. & then another one too. Oh, & I had lots of water!

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