Monday, January 7, 2008

The Epiphany of the Lord

"If we open our hearts to God's grace we become the modern stars to lead those to Bethlehem..."

This is part of what was said yesterday in the homily at church. Have you ever heard the true story about the guy who played the guitar with his feet because he had no arms? His name is Tony Melendez. Pope John Paul was so inspired by his playing, he walked over to him & kissed him on his face. He called him the gift of hope.

Check out the video of him. If you listen to his beautiful song, afterwards you get to see the Pope & Tony & how moved Tony was when he was kissed by the Pope, our modern day Holy man. can I be a modern star? I am sure there is something I can do.


honeybee said...

Years ago hubby and I picked up a tape by T. Melendez. His message is of great hope and inspiration. We run out of excuses when we see someone live life like he lives his life.

Anonymous said...

I saw Melendez years ago. He shows what the human spirit can do. There are no limitations. God gave us the tools. Prisicilla's Gma