Saturday, January 5, 2008

"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Confucius

Not one pound

Not two pounds

Nor three

or even four.

Not five pounds

or six pounds

or seven pounds

but 8 pounds & more!

I'm saying goodbye to 8.8 pounds of first quality sweet cream butter baby!
So after 3 weeks of just maintaining my weight loss, I have finally lost some more poundage! 3 whole pounds to be exact, bringing my total weight loss to 8.8lbs. in a period of 8 weeks.

At my WW meeting this morning my leader asked us what we could do to help ourselves. A lot of the people there were talking about just not having the time they needed to devote themselves to sticking to the program. She told the oxygen story about being on a plane & how it was crucial to put the mask on yourself before helping your child. I shared with the group how awhile back someone suggested to me not to do anything for anyone that they can do for themselves. I believe most women are in the habit of doing for others & it really is a good thing in many ways-it only gets bad for me when it is at the expense of myself. The cool thing about not overdoing for others is that it teaches them to do for themselves, freeing up time for me, empowering them & probably most importantly giving myself some love. If I love myself I think I am showing God how much I appreciate my life.

Thank you God for helping me grow in love.


lisa said...

Amen sister! QBF is always telling me this in one way or another. LOve love the visual on the weight loss so far! Good stuff...

AMF said...

i'm very proud of you.

AMF said...

i'm very proud of you.

AMF said...

i'm very proud of you.

honeybee said...

I love it. Free em UP!