Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow."-The Talmud quotes

I don't know if you remember in my past posts how I've written about angels whispering in my ears at times. This usually happens when I am in the midst of trying to figure out something important. I'll think I am doing everything I possibly can to do the right thing. It's not like I really think I can figure it all out anyway. Let's just say, I'll be doing the best that I can. Then suddenly I get a thought in my head & I think of whatever I am working on in a different light. Out of nowhere an idea comes to me in a way I haven't thought of. I feel compelled to listen & many new ideas follow. This I believe is when the angels start to whisper. I had to share this with you because I believe in God & I think he gave us free will so we can grow in this life. I believe he wants the best for us & when he sees us struggling, he sends his angels with messages he wants us to hear. Most of the time it's hard to listen because I'm just a human, but that doesn't mean I don't try to remember too. When I do listen, I always try to remember to thank God & my angels.
When Ian was trying to figure out what high school to go to, it was very dificult. In fact he still may get other opportunities before the end of this school year. For now though, he has to meet certain deadlines. St. Anthony's & Chaminade are excellent schools. Two major factors were their size & their music program. Also Ian has an older cousin who graduated from Chaminade (& is doing amazingly well in college I must add) who took the time to answer some of his important concerns. What also helped finalize Ian's decision were two very special teachers that have been working with him since he was five, who gently pointed out some things he might consider. Just after leaving his music lesson Friday night, we sat in the car for quite some-time in the pouring rain outside of Chaminade High School still deliberating the pros & cons of each school. After calling his Dad one last time & trying to decide, Ian handed the phone to me. As I spoke with his Dad, 2 minutes later Ian simply got out of the car and stood in the park looking around.
"Anthony, he just got out of the car, I think he's had it."
"What's he doing?" my husband inquired.
"I don't know, maybe he thinks we are going inside." I said.
"Oh, you poor guys." my husband replied.
 By this time at least it was just drizzling. Then in an instant Ian calmly and confidently opened the car door, poked his head inside and said, "You know, I'm going to go to Chaminade." and with that, he shut the door.
It must have been the angels.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful. What great parents you guys are, so patient and nurturing. Love pours from this post Diana, and I know it is the love you have for each other. Your little family is such a blessing to all of us in your extended family - thank you for sharing the journey and the decision...

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thank you my dear SIL!!! Right back at you-in a big way.
I was thinking of you when I found the quote!

Anonymous said...

I put it in the quotes to be transfered file, I love it, I think I will use it on a simple little canvas I have been working on:)

joybugdarlin said...

Joyeaux. :)

If you're so inclined, I've had a recent epiphany regarding a new way to go about prayer-- although yet it is as ancient as time:

through song, albeit in this form secular and not "officially" spiritual... but officiality sometimes overrates itself ;) :)

I break it down as such:

Playlist is moreso a "Prayerlist":

1. sending light & energy to others = prayer = meditation = whatever way we connect.

2. Listening to these songs is a new way to do this:

3. I see these songs are concentrations of energetic light; by listening to them, they instill their light in us; they add to our vibration; which is sent out in all directions.

come see & listen if you wish :) ;
my main objective in this is due to the increase in violent acting out of teenagers... which I am convinced can only be healed with love.

and ps, i borrowed the angel quote, hope you don't mind. :)


Lily Hydrangea said...

thanks for the thoughts Joybugdarling,
interesting concept on prayer.
I'm glad you found the quote. It's too beautiful to keep for oneself! After all-I borrowed it from someone else!