Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."

Only Thoreau can think of something like that quote above!

Late last Sunday morning I decided (after all of my imbibing the night before) I better get myself outside for a walk. Mia & Bo just came in from the cold & decided it was best to take a nap. Besides, they were up since 5AM.

My husband decided to join me for part of the way. Check out these trees against the snow & sky.

What is it about a red barn inside a winter landscape that looks so perfect?

Or a frozen pond that makes you want to learn how to ice skate?

Walking through nature is like meditating without having to try & relax. I just naturally relax & I notice a feeling of peace inside as I observe all the beauty surrounding me.

I love the textures & contrasting colors.

Look at this...

& this...

Pretty cool huh?

Please click on this photo above if you would like to see the sheep up close.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I can feel a chill...

Lily Hydrangea said... was chilly willy alright!

AMF said...

It was beyond chilly.