Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sound of Silence

When we were upstate this past weekend it was so silent at night when I laid down to sleep it was almost deafening. I know this sounds dramatic but I really couldn't get over it. Sleeping in silence like that has to be good for one's nervous system. In fact I woke up so totally refreshed Sunday morning I was actually still wide awake by 10PM that night. This was after a full day of antiquing & eating massive quantities of very good food. Wait a second though, that very well could have been the Stewart's orange soda I drank earlier with my dinner. I'm not used to drinking "regular soda". I usually drink diet caffeine free & only with dinner-FYI. But we met my bro-in-law at the Stewart's so he could take us back to his home, (lest we get lost in the wilderness ) & we had to buy some Stewart's products if only for the sheer novelty of it. They have Stewart's around there the way we have 7-11's. They also sell Stewart's ice-cream & have all kinds of toppings on the counter you can add on if you get some to go. I'll have to sample that during a summertime visit.

My handsome rugged brother-in-law & his beautiful partner live on 12 acres nestled in a mountainside. I can't believe I have a relative that lives in such a pristine, quiet, natural environment. They actually have a room with a view & it is far far away from the suburbs. It actually takes my breath away.

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