Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bathing Priscilla

So innocent, so unassuming as she perches,
relaxing on her favorite chair.
Little does she know, but wait that left paw
goes up as she sees me approach with camera
in hand... "The water is nice and warm, I could just stand
here for awhile & soak my butt a bit."
"Hey, this isn't too bad this warm bath she's giving me-I
could even lick the water too. " "OK, now I'm getting bored...what's up with this. Uh-oh ... this is not good."
" If only I could lick the soap off of my back."

"I think I have had about enough of this." "I am sooo out of here!"
" How do I get this water off of me?"
" Maybe if I keep running back & forth against the wall
-that should help."

"Wait...I'm smelling something. Hmm, it smells!" "Ahh this is so good, I love this bed spread. The texture is perfect for this."

"I think I can actually get all the water out of my ears if I just keep rubbing them over & over,
& over again. Yes, this is better now."
" A shake right here is very invigorating."
" Just one more."
"Now I'm good!"


Jo said...

Hello, Lily! I'm a new blogger and am intrigued by your blog because we have a lot of interests in common: prayer, Jesus, writing, dogs, sons named Ian, love of walking outside, winterscapes. I am looking for fellow writers to share with. I have enjoyed your entries so far. Your dog is adorable!

Have a peaceful day!


Lily Hydrangea said...

Yes we do have a lot of interests in common!
Thanks for your kind words.
I look forward to checking out your blog too!

Anonymous said...

that is so funny! In one shot she looks like she's smiling. Her G'ma