Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour

If you could do just one thing for one hour one day a week that would help sustain human life on this planet, would you do it?
So last night at 7:55 I realized I wouldn't be finished making dinner until about 8:10 which posed a big problem since I cook on an electric oven! Oh no! & Ian was just finishing watching the classic movie Aliens. We decided to shut everything off in the house except the oven & the TV. Lame I know, but then everything was officially shut off by 8:20 PM.
I asked Ian to look out the front window to see if we were the only people on our block doing this. It actually looked like there were a few houses completely dark!
We ate dinner by candlelight which was pretty cool. It was definitely a fun thing to do with our son. I can tell he really enjoyed it. Kids are like that you know, they are so easily up for anything seeing new experiences as a big adventure. I kind of liked the idea. How cool it would be if people could make a big difference just by making a small change together.
I have been noticing other changes too, like our supermarket recycles plastic bags now. I actually bought a special shopping bag but I forget to use it a lot. Last week I felt better when I brought about 100 plastic bags back to the supermarket to be recycled. I noticed Sears recycles their hangers now too. I remember watching them get thrown out at other stores.

By 8:46 we were counting the minutes while finishing our candle lit dinner when my husband inquired, "Now what is this supposed to be showing us?, oh I know, how we should stretch our arms out in front of us when we walk around the house in the dark."- as my son piped in," yeah while we stub our toes trying to navigate around the furniture." Funny guys those two they are.
This is one of my most favorite things to do- is hike around this old farm with people I love. When I think about the earth I worry that we are doing irreparable harm to it & ourselves. What a pity it would be if future generations wouldn't get to spend a Sunday doing something so simple like this.

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