Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."-Voltaire

Today marks my second week of weight loss in a row at my weight watchers meeting early this morning. Last week I lost .4 pounds. This week I lost .6 pounds. I like putting the word pounds after the number-it's like looking at the glass half full. Truthfully I was expecting a little more loss this week. I was so good filling out my food journal accurately & exercising regularly so I expected one or two pounds lost. It's OK though. Any weight loss is always good & always better than a gain.
I wake up at 6AM everyday for various reasons. On Saturday morning I get up at 6AM just for me. There is something so empowering about that. Maybe it's because I feel like I am being my own best friend by doing something positive for myself. I often hear people talk about getting up at five AM to go to the gym to make sure they get their exercise done. I use to think they were crazy. Now I think I can understand why they do it.
I heard someone at my meeting tell a story about her friend telling her she eats to live. What a positive spin to put on a good reason to eat healthy and moderately. I love food & I love eating healthy quality foods so I think I have an advantage when it comes to making good food choices. This is my strength and I have to recognize it to continue to empower myself-especially when my weaknesses surface. Weight Watchers has been a great way for me to retrain myself to take better care of myself. My WW leader talks about changing our behaviours. She also says it's not about the food. When someone shared about how she didn't do so hot this week telling us all about the foods she overate, our leader stopped her & asked her to tell the same story again but leave out all the parts about the food.
Sitting there taking this all in I noticed a poster with a diagram showing a four way approach.

  • Eat wisely
  • Think first
  • Move more
  • Attend weekly meetings

This makes a lot of sense. This week I have committed to working out everyday & making sure I eat 5 servings of fruit & vegetables. I'll keep you posted!

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