Friday, April 4, 2008

Worldly Posessions

Click on this picture to see all the details, it was a sparkly day in Manhattan.

Dining at Joe's Pizza-home of one of our favorite places to get a slice over on Carmine Street in NYC-if you are lucky, you may get to sit by the window that looks directly out onto the sidewalk. It's like having front row seats at the theatre.
While enjoying the view, Ian & I actually saw a mom with her two kids stroll right past the window. I was in the middle of eating & couldn't speak to alert Ian. The reason why it was so important for me to point them out will have to wait till tomorrow. Please come back tomorrow to hear the full story. I'm sorry I can't write it now. It will take me too long and I must give it my best. See you tomorrow...hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Not nice to leave us hanging here. PG'ma

Lily Hydrangea said...

hope you won't be disappointed-I'm pretty sure you've already heard this!