Saturday, April 5, 2008

If you have waited patiently to hear this story, thank you.

& too my loyal readers, if you have heard this story before, I apologize!
The funniest thing about this story is that I don't even think I laughed when I witnessed it. Yet, every time I either think about it or retell it, it makes me laugh and smile. So here goes.

Remember Joe's Pizza I told you about yesterday? Well, back in February when my son and I stopped there for lunch it was so crowded it was like standing in the subway during rush hour. Picture yourself balancing a hot slice on a flimsy paper plate in the middle of a 10' x 12' room along with maybe 25-30 other people wearing winter coats & scarves carrying computers & grocery bags & pushing strollers. The child next to us actually had her wooden scooter wedged underneath the small table we were standing by. Seeing us standing there a kind mom with her two children offered to share her table with us. Considering their table was a tiny one it was a generous offer, so we were a little reluctant to take advantage. Desperately smiling we put our plates on the table and tried to act like we weren't taking up too much room. Acting as if I wasn't really there, I absorbed myself in my delicious pizza when I heard the kind mom say in a very patient but firm voice, "If you lick the table one more time, I am going to put you in your stroller." I had to look up and see who this was being told too. There before me in all her cuteness sat an approximately one year old tiny person. I'm pretty sure she was a girl. As she perched on her stool with her small head barely above the table she locked eyes with her mothers making sure her mom could see exactly what she was about to do. Slowly but quite steadily, and I wouldn't say defiantly because there was a look of wonder in her eyes as if she were compelled-she slowly licked the side of the table. With that her mother calmly rose up from her seat and at the same instant the little girl let out a small cry as if suddenly realizing, yes she would have to bear the consequences and please, please mommy, don't you see I just had to lick the table! Then it was over, her mother placed her in her stroller and there wasn't a peep out of her. In fact she looked quite content. Her mother went back to eating her pizza & her older sister continued to engage my son in conversation telling him she was three and a half. Five minutes later the almost 4 year old fished her scooter out from under the table and they were gone.
This mother & her two children were the ones who strolled by the window while we were eating our pizza at Joe's the other day. Ian got to see that it was indeed them.


Qausi-Mom said...

cute story - of all the people in the city what are the chances they would stroll by while you were eating pizza again?????

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks QM- Do you believe it? I'm thinking they must live in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Only goes to show, it's small world, I don't doubt you will see them again. PG'ma

Lily Hydrangea said...

I had a similar feeling!