Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Capitol Coffee House

Thursday morning we wanted a simple breakfast. Hubby wasn't in the mood for a finagel a bagel or Au Bon Pain & I'm pretty sure I heard him say the word "diner"-no surprise there... Though I didn't see any signs of one & was starting to feel my sugar level drop when I spotted two authentic in the flesh Boston policemen. They knew exactly where to send us. What was really interesting though was that they asked us for specifics. Like when I asked, Do you know a good place for breakfast nearby? They said, "Like what kind of place, like a bagel place?" & I said, "no, more like an eggs & toast with potatoes type of place." They both thoughtfully pondered for a second & then pointed us in the direction of the State House nodding & speaking, almost in unison, "Capitol Coffee House, yeah that's a good place, I think that's what your looking for."
Happily sitting in the coffee house we guessed we were in a good place because all the locals were there. They all knew each other & were stopping by on their way to work. I always enjoy watching people from different lands go to work while I vacation. One thing my husband & I both noticed was how relaxed everyone seemed to be going to work. We were actually walking around with a cup of coffee for about half an hour before we got to CCH & at one point Anthony said, "...Where are all these people going, is everyone here off from work today because they sure don't look like they are in any rush to get to work... to which I replied, "Well they all look as if they are dressed for the office, must just be the way people are here in Boston.
How refreshing is that? Just living in the moment, maybe even enjoying themselves while they walk to work.
Check out the locals with the perfect window seat. Don't they look relaxed? Doesn't this picture look more like the end of the day as opposed to eight o'clock in the morning?

This was their view outside their window.

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I'm thinking AMTRAK, fairly short trip, excellent subway system to Jon at Bentley. Hmmmmm