Friday, May 2, 2008

It's true, JFK did live in the same building as Capitol Coffee House.

Counter man working
So there we were sitting enjoying our nice tasty simple breakfast when the busy man behind the counter started making small talk. Though I kind of wished he hadn't waited until I had a mouth full of food before he started asking questions, I did enjoy the conversation. It's hard for me to concentrate on eating and thinking at the same time. I love talking to strangers while traveling so I forced myself to try & do both.
Then my husband said the unforgivable. There we were in the city of Boston completely vulnerable, surrounded mostly by men who most likely felt the same way as the counter man. As if baiting the counterman, my husband said to him "You guys haven't had good sports teams." Hearing that said, pleasant counter man stopped dead in his tracks & gave hubby a penetrating glare. "What?, we've always had good teams! the Celtics had some bad years, but they're doing good now." Making matters worse my husband said, "yeah, finally." I could see the thoughts racing through counter mans head as if he was plotting something in his mind. Now realize, up until this comment was made everything about counter man was genial & friendly. He was smiling, his shoulders were relaxed, he kept coming over to chat in between his busyness. Once this comment was made I can tell you that if counter man had any hairs on the back of his neck all of them were standing straight up. Now hubby had two people staring at him in disbelief, not that he noticed.
Knowing very little about sports I do know Boston is crazy over theirs so why would anyone say such a thing to a Bostonian?, in their own town no less! In a slight panic I quickly glanced around the room relieved to see everyone absorbed in their own conversations. Thankfully my husband does speak quietly. Knowing that changing the subject almost always works I tried to do so but to no avail. Counter man wasn't letting go, he was standing firm, staring. Finally he tensely asked, "what do you mean by that- yeah finally?" Hubby laughed with amusement working his charm as always acknowledging how yes, they are doing much better now. I could tell had counter man not been drawn away at that particular instant by having to make toast I am not sure what might have ensued but it probably would not have been good.
When I asked hubby what he could possibly be thinking by making that comment he said, that's the difference between NY & Boston, NY only loves their teams when they do something good then they will cheer you on, while Boston loves their teams no matter what.
Suffice to say counter man did speak with us again before we left. My husband has a knack for getting someones goat and then making them laugh- though it was plain to see counterman remained a little leary.
When counterman saw me taking pictures he smiled then looked at me and very proudly said, "Just in case you want to know, President Kennedy lived here in this very building before he became President, you know, just in case."
At the risk of sounding corny- I have to tell you, I love Boston.


AMF said...

he was cool... and he laughed after we left and i came back in to give him a tip.

Lily Hydrangea said...

yeah, he was cool!