Monday, July 7, 2008

For those of you concerned about Priscilla...

she survived another fourth of July! It was tough on her. I could tell by the way she wedged herself between my leg and the side of the couch. It was almost as if she was trying to stop herself from her involuntary shaking and vibrating.
Other updates for the day include my weight loss from my last two Saturday morning Weight Watcher weigh- ins. I'm down .2 one week and 1.6 this week. However small these amounts may sound, these two losses joined together have brought my total weight loss to 11.4 pounds.
I am now officially at the total weight loss of 23 pounds when I started Weight Watchers 4 years ago. The first time I was in WW I was a member less than a year and after about 3-4 months I developed a bad attitude so guess what happened? I wound up quitting only to find myself back there last November.
Happily at least I didn't gain all of my weight back. Though it has been a slow process, I have found the most important thing is just not quitting. If I do that I am simply quitting on myself. I don't ever want to do that again. It has always been hard for me to focus on my appearance. So much so that it sometimes feels uncomfortable when I do. But I am getting more used to it now mainly because it feels good to be healthy and that is a direct side effect from losing weight.
Now I feel I am at a turning point in my weight loss. I'd like to lose eight more pounds by the end of the summer and see how I feel. I'm leery about ever finishing because at this stage of the game I believe it's a lifetime program for me. I would like to achieve lifetime status at WW & see what that feels like.

Seen here at the Rose Center this photo is for the important teenagers and "tween" in my life who are patiently waiting for me to download my flickr photos from our weekend together.


Anonymous said...

Woot woot on the weight loss! I asked CJ what he was doing and he said I was making sure no one was stealin' my soul. Funny kids - guess I'll get some pictures up on Flickr this week:o)

Lydia said...

I'm glad your photo blog is on a light background, so I can enjoy it! My eyes just can't take the black background with white print. Ronni Bennett at
will not list anyone on her blogroll using this format, because it's hard on over-50 eyes. She is called the "Dean of Elderbloggers" and recently began writing for the Wall Street Journal about elder issues. Her blog was what inspired me to begin mine (although the topics have nothing in common).
What I could read here at your blog looks quite fine!

Anonymous said...

How about 78 lbs of black lab on top of you shaking like a jack hammer for one of the frequent all night Illinois line of thunder storms? xxxxx

Lily Hydrangea said...

I know I have to redesign as soon as I get the chance! Thanks for your thoughts Lydia.