Friday, September 12, 2008

I am totally blown away.

I just read my dear soul sister-in-laws post for today and I must say she totally blew me away. One word in particular that comes to mind is courage. This woman, my sister-in-law, has guts, from the photo she posted of herself, (Man I know how that feels, I had so many of those same photos, though I have to admit to having burned mine) to the weight loss ticker she plans on putting on her blog. Another word is willingness. It is clear by her courageous actions that Lisa is willing. How cool is that? I know for myself, at times I may want to lose weight, but unless I am truly willing, I won't be successful.
I will be watching Lisa closely because I know as always, she will be an inspiration.
Lisa wrote about how she doesn't see herself in the picture she posted. I am sure every person who needs to lose weight feels the same. I believe the truth is because that really isn't who she is. I know I am buried somewhere deep down under my extra weight and finding my way out from there is like a scary liberation of sorts, so far outside my usual comfort zone.
Anyone reading this blog knows a little bit about my own weight loss journey. I started Weight Watchers last November 10th and since then I have lost 12.6 pounds. Personally I know I need a program to help me. Otherwise I feel like it is just too easy for me to lapse into my usual amnesiac denial. Everyday is filled with food choices and most days it is just too easy to eat whatever is in front of me instead of making a plan and sticking to it. I can think of many reasons why it's hard to lose weight. Like, eating super healthy foods requires a certain diligence. The food has to be purchased and prepared which takes time and effort. Time I would rather spend doing other things, and then it's like, oops, it's way past lunch & I am sooo hungry ! and then the cravings kick in. Or it could be forgetting breakfast which really sets my day up for fatigue and hunger, leaving me snacking hundreds of extra calories the whole time I am preparing dinner.

Weight Watchers is helping me change my behaviour. It's helping me stay focused on my goal by giving me tools to avoid the pitfalls of having to eat everyday. WW is also helping me to recognize the fact that losing weight is something I am willing to do and that yes, there are specific ways to accomplish this. It has taken me so long to lose what I have lost but I am sure if I didn't stick with some sort of program I would most likely have gained weight instead of losing or maintaining. I also feel like this is for good. Once I am done losing I will be one of those lifetime members at WW that learns how to throw away her scale and miraculously not gain weight.

Benefits I have gained since my 12 pound weight loss:
  • I'm just inside the healthy BMI (body mass index) range
  • My blood pressure is normal
  • My cholesterol is normal
  • I'm sleeping better
  • I have more energy
  • I can run faster
  • I fit into a size 12
  • I actually look forward to shopping for clothes
  • I no longer avoid looking in the mirror as I get dressed.
  • I actually have clothes in my closet that are comfortable and that I like.
The really great thing is that I haven't even lost all of my weight yet. I guess that is a positive way to look at it being that I have a ways to go. Until then I must say it is hard to stay motivated. Sometimes it's a daily struggle, other times it's easy. Overall since I have been in WW it is definitely easier.
A list of things I think or do to keep me motivated:
  • I attend my meeting every week. I've learned that no matter what the outcome is, this always makes me feel better.
  • Exercise everyday. This way if I absolutely can't one day, I'll have only skipped a day. Even if it is an unusual 3 or 4 days-things happen after all, setting a goal makes me get back to it.
  • I keep a food journal. Even half a day is better than not at all. This always gives me some clarity, especially with portion control.
  • When I start to think about eating something, I ask myself why? Am I hungry, tired, angry? What is the reason I am thinking of food? This has been big for me, probably the hardest. For me it is still a habit in the making.
  • Instead of thinking about what I can't eat, I like to focus on things I can eat that I really enjoy. This makes me feel empowered.
  • I started running. By far this has been the best kept secret mood enhancer I have ever experienced. Not more than 5 minutes into a run I can go from slogging through my day to conquering whatever lies before me with absolute confidence.
So, thank you my dear soul sister, once again you have inspired me. Please know I will be cheering you on, much like you have cheered me on and I will be praying for you as I watch you succeed.


Francine said...

It's nice to see others acknowledge the inability to 'see' yourself when obese. One trick Ilearned is to take a photo from the rear (I know - yuk!) but when you look at the photo, the absence of your face lets you see the rest of the body.
I was obese for 40 years before I found out ?I had a Candida problem. Bye-Bye Candida, bye-bye weight. lost 186 pounds and kept it off over 7 years now. Free how to at

lisak said...

I love that soul sister. Thanks D. I cannot fathom the love that post has already sent my way. This post and my friend Mir's post have been so encouraging and full of love my heart it overflows. Your journey through health and weight is definitely one that helped along my own work - thank you!
You Rock!
Big bear hugs--

Kitty said...

Wow. As someone who loves to eat, I can see how hard it'd be to lose weight or stop oneself from eating. Argh! It's tough, especially if you eat with other people who eat whatever they like.

Recently I slimmed down to a respectable level by kicking my ass at the gym. A couple months ago I started going 6 days a week (I'm not sure what happened. Temporary insanity? Now I fluctuate depending on work load and my mood, anywhere between 4-6 days).

I, too, finally feel okay about my body and look forward to shopping. It's a thin line, but once you cross it, it's wonderful, isn't it? Can I tell you I went on a shopping SPREE, lol, and it was for basic things! I need to continue slimming down but at least I feel better.

I cannot recommend weight lifting enough, esp for women. It builds bone density. It is a GREAT companion to running. I alternate running with lifting for my arms, chest and back.

You invariably get better. Your muscles will not become defined right away, but a 12-lb weight feels less heavy after only a couple weeks. Then you move to 15 lbs and so on.

Try it. Do a mix of barbells and machines. Adding muscle adds weight to your body in theory BUT...muscle burns fat. So your exercise will be over for the day, but your muscles will still be burning calories.

You will feel stronger, more confident and your posture will improve. Your running will improve!

Good luck in continuing this lifestyle. Stay strong, dear!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Francine, I went to your site & your photos are incredible. It's wonderful when you find something that works for you.

Lisa, Every time I read your response I get chills. (This is the 4th time I think.) I am so excited for you and feel lucky that you are writing about it so I get to be a part of it.

Kitty, wow, thank you for your thoughtful response. Your recommendation for weight lifting is timely. I used to lift weights for my chest, arms and back too. I felt so much stronger when I did and I noticed that even though I am more fit from running I feel like I lost some muscle. My marathon runner friend told me we lose muscle mass when we run so I guess I am being sent a message here! Thanks Kitty.

Jo said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Lily! I joined WW in July and have also lost 12.2 lb. so far....woo hoo!!! Just this morning I was sitting on my patio stoop in the rain thinking I've started to lose some mental inspiration. Thanks for the boost! I haven't checked my blog for a while....getting blog-lazy. Glad I checked it today! Must be a God-thing.


Lily Hydrangea said...

Hey there Jo, You are doing wonderfully!
It sounds to me like you are really working your WW program. If you can find something that weighs 12 pounds, try carrying it around with you for 15 minutes as you go about your business. It might give you a better perspective on what you accomplished in a relatively short period of time.
It's so nice to hear from you Jo. Thanks for stopping by.