Friday, September 19, 2008

Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup

is this Saturday, September 20th. Go here for more information. As I perused their site I came across this page of actions one could take to live more responsibly. There were many that I haven't heard about before that I found very interesting. I think it may be hard to think of trying every single one but I also believe if everyone could at least commit to just one on this list steadfastly, we would see tremendous change. After one new habit becomes a way of life, than you could add another. By modeling this behaviour, young people would see that this is how we care for our planet as well as ourselves and over time things would naturally change for the better concerning our environment. Here are a few:

If you live right on the water, plant a buffer zone of trees, tall grasses, and shrubs to filter runoff and to provide shelter and habitat for turtles, shorebirds, and other animals.

Use less fertilizer. Instead, mulch grass clippings to enrich your lawn and create a compost pile that will provide natural nutrients for your gardens.

Wash your car on the grass, not the driveway. That way, harmful chemicals will be filtered by grass and soil before they reach local waterways, where they can harm delicate aquatic life.

Make sure that construction sites in your neighborhood use silt fences, storm wattles, and other means of keeping sediment and other harmful runoff out of storm drains.

Plant trees. Trees contribute to clean water; they are the oceans' best filters.

This is what I saw today. Beautiful beach and sky, isn't it? Did you happen to notice the can on the shoreline? The trash bins in the second photo were located directly behind where I stood to take this picture. Please click on this to see greater details.


Mignon said...

When I was active in a Jeep Club here in the NW. We would do the beach clean up every year. It was a huge event. Each club would get a section of beach. We would have bon-fires and prizes for weirdest garbage found. Actually there were a few catagories. But it was really a fun time. And doing something positive.

MuseSwings said...

The Indian Sumer Invitation does look very nice on your blog! Perhaps a picnic on the beach - but with no conservancy of food, of course.

Lily Hydrangea said...

that sounds so good Mignon. They turned something serious into a festive gathering.
Thanks Museswings!