Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sylvia is very patient.

When she saw me coming over to her I could tell she was hoping I would pet her. She starts doing all these flips and rolls and acting really cute as if to say, "pet me, scratch my chin, scratch behind my ears, please." Then Priscilla has to barge in and Sylvia has to make a decision,"Do I want to deal with this one now?"
That is why I think she is so patient because Sylvia totally puts up with her. Well, for the most part anyway. Like the other night when she was up on her hind legs fighting with both paws as Priscilla cowered in the corner, no that wasn't good. I literally had to pull her off of Priscilla. Still, I have to give her credit. I'm pretty sure Sylvia could make mincemeat out of Priss if she truly wanted too.

Sylvia seems to understand Priscilla's nosiness.

Maybe in Sylvia's mind she feels she needs to set boundaries thinking that somehow Priscilla will relent. I think Priscilla instinctively knows when to back off, though I would never underestimate her cunning ways.
Most of the time they peacefully co-exist.


Anonymous said...

Sylvia is so cooool! PGma

Kitty said...

no offense but Sylvia looks like a boy cat with her long nose! Very photogenic.

It's pretty cool that they interact with and tolerate each other.

Lily Hydrangea said...

funny you should say that Kitty because she acts like a tomboy too.

soulbrush said...

your sylvia and priscilla are the fact that you have girls.