Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so the good news is...

I haven't gained any weight. This is my vain attempt to put a positive spin on the fact that I am not losing any either. I am thinking positive which is a small miracle given my mental state the past few days. Suddenly today, literally like a light bulb turning on, I realized I hadn't exercised since last Friday! ! ! No wonder my mood was declining. I had planned too, it's not like I forgot to do it, but things got in the way, boring excuses you don't want to hear about.
Anyway, as soon as I became aware of this realization, I immediately knew that it was imperative that I go for a run. Not ten minutes into my run, and I know you have heard me say this before, but I still just can not get over how this endorphin thing works, I felt so so good. I felt so good that I started to wonder why everyone doesn't do this. Which brings me to my next topic. Have you ever seen the documentary King Corn?
I am not a self righteous vegetarian. I grew up eating meat. it doesn't disgust me that people eat meat for nourishment. The main reason I share this information is because if anyone truly wants to know why I deprive myself of eating meat, this movie explains it perfectly and unpretentiously by two self professed beef eating men. My interpretation of the movies main message and how that jives with my reasons for giving up meat is as follows, I love animals and I love nature and it just aint natural for us to be growing junk food so we can eat fat disguised as meat. Never mind the whole soda/ liquid candy topic.
I know that seemingly those last two sentences do not make much sense. So let me try & explain it the way the movie does. The majority of corn grown in our state of Iowa is modified to be low in nutrition and high in starch. This serves two purposes, one is for cattle feed and the other is for high fructose corn syrup primarily used to make soda. Our food system with regard to beef production is so completely removed from anything remotely natural.
If you feed this type of corn to a cow in containment, they get fat real quick. Since the rapid weight gain contributes to the cows poor overall health, they are continually kept on antibiotics. The film pointed out that 70% of antibiotics in the U.S. are used on cattle!

I couldn't watch the scene where they discuss what happens to the cows stomachs so I will leave you with how this all relates to my initial "why" question. Well... sort of. Why isn't everyone a vegetarian? or rather, why is the majority of Americans eating this type of meat?
& if you doubt anything I have written here, please see King Corn. Despite the heavy topic it is actually very entertaining.

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