Saturday, October 18, 2008

Journaling moods & foods

so after much consideration I decided I'd try writing a detailed daily food & MOOD journal. I can't say if I have the fortitude to post it here everyday or not, but below is what I ate on Friday.
6am- really wanted to share those blueberry waffles with my son, they smelled so good! but knew I wasn't really hungry yet so I thought it would be better to wait and drank two large glasses of water instead. I felt energized.
8:30ish- had a cup of decaff coffee with half & half & sugar, enjoyed it immensely, felt the same.
9AM I started feeling hungry so I had an 8oz. glass of milk with a peanut butter Luna bar, sort of ate it on the run.
most of the morning I felt fine, but I did feel nauseous and not quite myself a few times, like I needed to lay down or something. I'm not sure I would have really taken note of this, maybe I would have passed this off had I not been keeping a journal.
1:30ish- ate lunch out, my favorite, 2 eggs over easy with home fries & rye toast & a 4oz. glass of OJ
completely sated and full of energy after enjoying the meal and taking a break with good company.
5:45- ate fresh organic cauliflower, spinach, cucumber, frisee, & romaine salad with lite dressing & a single serving of organic wholewheat spaghetti with organic marinara basil sauce & olive oil.
completely sated, happy, rejuvenated.

6PM-walked for one hour.

9-10PM- 2 cups of sleepy time tea with a small spoon of honey.

Today was a good day food wise. I was in a good mood all day. I hadn't any cravings & I ate reasonably well. & I also drank water all day. Plus, the biggy, I stayed within my weight watcher limits calorie wise. Actually WW refers to calories as points.
Now I'm thinking I'm glad I'm keeping this journal so I can refer back to a good day when things go awry...
Below is a photo of my role model Sylvia, the most patient cat in the entire world.


Kitty said...

aw....Sylvia looks so comfy!
I'm glad you see benefits in journaling. I hope it helps!

M.Kate said...

Hi there, tks for popping over :D
that Sylvia looks so comfy curling up there and what an interesting list, tks for sharing. here's hoping you'll have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable kitty.

MmeBenaut said...

Beautiful little Sylvia. I love her colouring. She looks like quite a tiny cat.

Arnold Layne said...

What's amazing about cats is that they can just sleep in the same position all day. If you have any role model to choose from when it comes to relaxation, choose a cat.