Thursday, October 30, 2008

last Saturday's update...

Here I am two days away from my next weigh in & I realized I haven't posted about last week yet! I lost .6 pounds again. It sounds like a lot when I put it like that doesn't it? What makes me most happy is that it was the fourth week in a row I actually lost weight, even if it was only a little bit.
1.8 pounds total lost over the last 4 weeks is better than nothing or at least better than gaining. I have to say that writing down exactly what I eat for the last two weeks has been a real eye opener. Every week Weight Watchers give you a journal to record your meals, so it's not exactly new for me except the rather large difference of my deciding to keep track of my moods and how that affects my hunger as well. Sometimes I find I want something to eat but when I identify the fact that I am not really hungry it is much easier to say no to the temptation in my brain. I guess a lot of it is just plain self awareness. I think I have found that keeping a food diary is a good tool in keeping that awareness in the forefront of my mind.
The bad news is last night I went to a "cocktail" party and neglected to bring along my diary! I was quite hungry when I got there, so I'm not sure that would have helped. There were delicious mini spring rolls and crab cakes and all sorts of cheeses and smoked salmon. I did manage to stop myself before I became completely stuffed and switched to several glasses of ice water at the end, so I wasn't a total failure. All this means to me, is that today I have to be extra aware about what I put into my mouth as well as extra active. I can do that.
I think I will also have a large salad for lunch today as well.
Do you believe tomorrow is Halloween? I like these glowing pumpkins even if they are a little fuzzy around the edges.


lisak said...

D- thanks for the comment. Woot woot to you for sticking to it with an open mind and open eyes. I think 1.8 lbs is fab go you! Keep it up soulsis.
Love, Lisa
I have Ian's gift wrapped I swear it will be in the mail soon, I am not mentioning it again until it is-lovely Aunt aren't I?

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Lisa, & you are a great aunt! I am sure he will be happily surprised when he gets it in the mail!
; )

MmeBenaut said...

Happy Halloween Lily and congratulations on drinking all that ice-water.

Kitty said...

boy, you have self-control.
I've sadly fallen off the gym routine, now that the dog is here. The tiredness is hard to overcome.

keep going on the awareness part! I think that's the biggest thing.

There was a 20/20 episode on food that was quite popular. They set up a scenario where people were eating soup in a bowl that kept refilling itself. And people kept eating, clueless. funny, eh?

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Mme! Thank you!

& thanks Kitty. Don't worry, it gets better. Having a puppy is a lot like having a baby, so it's hard to find time for yourself, but it changes and puppies grow up quicker.
Plus you get to walk Rupert, which is so good for their temperament- according to Cesar Millan aka the dog whisperer.
also thanks for the encouragement. I wish I had more self control but I'm getting better! That is so funny about the soup bowl. I think I would notice...but then again, maybe not. LOL!