Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote and the coffee is on Starbucks.

update...My son just heard on the news that Krispy Kreme is giving away star shaped donuts to voters & Ben & Jerry's is giving out free one scoop cones!

Go into Starbucks on November 4th, tell them you voted & they will proudly give you a tall cup of brewed cof
fee for free!

Thanks Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's & Krispy Kreme!


lisak said...

Wait til' your brother hears this! Do you guys get stickers after you vote? Chris and I are going at the crack of dawn. Sometimes wonders never cease...


MuseSwings said...

I got the e-mail about Starbucks! Now I'm thinking I should stop by on my way to the polls - when I REALLY need that cup of coffee - and try to convince them to hand one over because I can't vote without it.

Double Hawk said...

You also get $5.00 off at Ben's!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Lisa, we didn't get stickers-I loved yours though!

Muse I hope you got your free coffee!

Hey DH, that is a great deal!