Friday, November 14, 2008

sixteen plus years of memories

I say plus because the memories started when your mom knew she was expecting you. I'll never forget the first day I knew we were soon to welcome you into our family. I called Bobbi from work. I was working in Macy's Herald Square in the display department and one of the sales people let me borrow the phone. There I stood in the middle of the fine linens department. I knew your mom was to see the DR & she would know that day for sure, what was it going to be, a boy, a girl? Then she would call Bobbi with the news.
Bobbi answered right away when I phoned, "You'll never guess!"
I could hear Bobbi nearly gasping with excitement.
We already knew there would be twins, so I guessed, "a boy and a girl?"
"No", she said, "you are not going to believe it." "OK, just tell me then, I can't take it!", I nearly yelled. For me, the anticipation, the excitement, it was too much to bear. & then Bobbi said it, "One is going to be a girl... and so is the other one!"
Soon after that, through all of your Mom's amazing efforts, she & your Dad brought you home. & we were all doubly blessed. So now I am starting to get very choked up thinking of that day and all the days you have been in our extended family and then I think of how much we love you & how your own family loves you, especially your brother, & your Mom, & your Dad, and of course, Nipper!
So now I just have to remind you of some of my own memories...

Look at how adorable you two are, side by side, celebrating your birthday together.

Do you remember who made this cake for you?

Look at how kind you were to Ian when he was just a baby. You are still so kind to him and he is very lucky.

One Christmas when Aunt Lisa was in town, we had the crazy idea to try and get all the cousins together to take a group photo. As you can see, chaos ensued. Notice Jenna sleeping on the chair in the midst of it all...

Then, desperate for a solution to group you all together, we thought, hey why not stick them all in a crib? Only Jonny could barely hold big Ian & Ian, sensing he was about to be dropped, began to cry...Bobbi tried her best to make him stop...well we got the group photo, sort of.

Remember all of the times we played in our favorite park together? We had lots of happy times there. I remember Jonny alternating between pushing Ian and Tracy. Jonny is such a great big brother, & cousin!

So here you both are today, sixteen years old, well not sixteen in these pictures, but you know what I mean! & our family has never been the same since the day we were all stunned with the wonderful news. How lucky we all are to have you both in our lives, dear, dear girls. You have brought so much joy into all of our hearts and you have done that just by being you! Happy Birthday Tracy & Jenna!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Diana, I am very touched by your kind post about the two of us! We were both reading it and I couldn't stop laughing! I love the 2nd group photo, how Ian is flipping out and me, jenna, and CJ look overjoyed looking at Bobi! Thank you so much!-Tracy

Lily Hydrangea said...

You are SO very welcome! I love you both, dear hearts.

MuseSwings said...

Beautiful and joyful post! Happy 16th Birthday to Tracy and Jenna!

Kitty said...

aw...that's a really nice tribute!
Happy birthday to the twins!

Anonymous said...

One is blue-eyed, one is hazel eyed (I think he still is) four are brown eyed. All smart, loving and a complete pleasure to be with. They love to hear stories about the 'old days' and never say, "I know you already told us about that" is that loving grandchildren or what? God is good. Grandma & grandpa K

lisak said...

Brilliant post Di. 16 hard to believe that so many years have passed so quickly. You my dear are such a wonderful thoughtful Aunt!!

Anonymous said...

We still have those seals. I hope you all enjoyed our party. I like the first picture the best. Thanks to everyone who comented on this post. Love, Jenna

MmeBenaut said...

Happy sweet 16 to Tracy and Jenna. Congratulations from Australia!