Friday, November 21, 2008

It has been 22 days since I last posted on my weight loss debacle. It's not that I have stopped going to weight watchers, it's just that I was so frustrated after my last DR's visit I thought anything I wrote would be tainted by this frustration.
I purposely schedule a doctors appointment every three months so that she will check my weight. I know this may seem rash but I need all the help I can get. So after taking four weeks to lose 1.8 pounds, I get on the scale the morning of my visit & I discover I gained FIVE pounds!
Yeah, that was a wonderful morning. This was after writing down every single thing I ate, exercising six days a week, I was convinced I was in the groove. To make matters worse, by the time I got to the DR's, the scale said I lost six pounds. I'm sure that extra pound was my clothing.
I didn't want the DR to think I was in denial so I showed her my weight watchers record so she could see I actually had been losing weight. Convinced it was my thyroid causing all the melee, she sent me for blood tests. I haven't heard anything from their lab though I am fairly certain that must mean it's normal. Two days later, I lost all of the weight I had gained. My conclusion, it must be hormones. I looked at everything I had eaten before and after the weight gain and there weren't any changes. My eating was consistent as was my exercise. What else could it be? If you are a woman you know how this works.
The good DR is also making me take a metabolic test next Tuesday. Supposedly this new test will measure my metabolism so that I will know exactly how many calories I need. It will also tell me if my metabolism is slow, medium or fast.
I'll keep you posted.
On a positive note I should add that I have found much needed consolation in my little yorkie Priscilla. She is going through a bit of a health crisis due to our recent discovery that she has epilepsy. It's strange how this works but my caring for her helps me keep things in perspective. She has had a few seizures but the medicine is starting to take effect. She started gaining weight because the meds makes her feel hungry. It's hard not to feed her when she is begging for food, especially after everything she has been through. You can see by that last comment where I find my comfort! LOL!
So I make sure I measure everything. I also take her for extra walks. This is good for both of us. Yesterday when I took her to get her blood tested, she actually lost weight which is excellent because a few weeks ago she gained almost two pounds! That is a lot for a dog that weighs just 9 and a half pounds to begin with. I count my blessings every day that she is OK. She means so much to our family.
Look at how adorable she is all curled up here. I love how she lets me cover her in a blanket.


lisak said...

Oh man Josie and I just read this and we want you to know we are praying for little ol' Priscilla - our hearts go out to you guys and I hope the meds help her get back to some kind of normal real soon.
As for the weight I can sympathize as my hormones have been raging for the last 2 weeks causing great confusion for my body. Perhaps Monday I will have some good weight loss myself. To top it all off Jos and I are sick with a cold or sinus problems or some other such silliness. OK enough of that we love you and miss you guys...
your soulsis

Anonymous said...

Rest your heart with Priscilla. I've known several doggies with same condition and they lived a long happy life. It is however painful to witness having witnessed it with two of my dogs. Oh that Priscilla I want to bite her little head. She is so adorable. xxxxx

MuseSwings said...

I'm so sorry sweet little Priscilla is having health problems. She knows you love her though - that and that cute little blanket is all she needs.

Hormones will do you in on the weight. I'd gain about 8 each month and then they would go away after about 10 days. A real bummer when trying to see positive results. Keep at it! You're doing all the right things.

Lydia said...

Priscilla has caught a bit of my heart, and I'm pulling for her wellness.

I'm pulling for yours, too. Your doctor sure seems to be taking this seriously, and the tests sound logical. I was surprised years ago when a test showed my thyroid was all whacky (speeded up metabolism) and I've been on meds for it ever since. Those hormones are such a bummer, too. They might be trying to trick you into defeat. Don't let 'em!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

And I see that the lil puppy's colour matches the cute blanket.

Have a nice Sunday!

MmeBenaut said...

She looks adorable all wrapped up. Very glad that the meds are helping her.