Saturday, August 1, 2009

weight loss update

Remember when I made the decision about using the weight ticker to report on my weight when I gain? This morning I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and found out I lost 2.2 pounds this week. I was pretty happy since I diligently spent time keeping a food journal. I usually write down what I eat every week at least a few days but this week I wrote down what I ate every day. I remember when I first started Weight Watchers the weeks I religiously kept a food journal are the weeks I always lost weight.
Excited about my loss, I got home and prepared to move the slider thingy on the above weight loss ticker only to find out those 2.2 pounds I lost apparently had been gained back sometime during the last few months and I never recorded those pounds on my ticker! So, officially I still have 15 pounds to lose!
Whatever... I am still happy about my success. It always feels good to be back on track and actually succeeding.
It's not that I stopped going to meetings, I go every single week. I'm convinced that accountability keeps me from gaining my weight back, with the exception of one or two pounds of course!
I just haven't been reporting about it here which I would really love to change. In fact, I would love to report about actually being consistently successful at losing weight. I think that would be even more fun.
The truth is, sometimes I secretly think I can't do it. I say secretly because I don't like to think negative thoughts, in fact I am against thinking that way so I keep those thoughts to myself as I actively try and push them from my mind denying those feelings as if they don't exist.
I guess I just changed that by sharing those thoughts on my blog! LOL! Ahhh, that feels so much better! ...deep, deep cleansing breath.
Not to be perverse, but I had to include a photo of this luscious cake we had last week when we celebrated my brother-in-law Danny's 50th birthday. The chocolate was divine, the cake itself yellow and the filling was cannoli. It was like a meal. I enjoyed just ONE piece & I had it with non-diet ginger ale, a perfect accompaniment if I do say so myself!
and I still lost 2.2 pounds. I just made sure everything else I ate that day was highly nutritious and I also made sure to go for a bike ride when I got home.
This is exactly how I want to enjoy my life celebrating over cake yet still taking care of myself.


MyMaracas said...

Congrats on your weight loss, and on your determination to keep it off. That last is really the hard part.

Anonymous said...

well done you! I think you can do it; if you take steps in the right direction then at some point you get to your destination.

PS - that cake look lush!!

Anonymous said...

I hope to be where you are real soon. Congrats!!!

Lori Skoog said...

I give you a lot of credit and wish I could commit in the same way. That is some chocolate cake...It is time for me to get my bike out!

Thanks for visiting my Journal with such kind comments.

MmeBenaut said...

Congratulations Lilyhydrangea! I always find that if I indulge in just a little piece of cake now and then, I don't eat loads of butter on my toast; just a modest amount. I lost enough to get into my ski pants but I fear that I've put on a few pounds in the last couple of weeks - what a roller coaster ride it is. I do so wish I could just eat whatever I want!

Lydia said...

Wow. What a cake. I'm proud of you for having a piece and for still losing weight. I think you have this all in balance.
I wish I could feel comfortable riding a bike. There's just no off-access road that feels safe nearby. Of course, I could take my bike in the car and go someplace where it would be safe. That is, if I had a bike!