Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lots of people talk to animals....Not very many listen, though....That's the problem.

Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Our dog Priscilla knows how to communicate with us to get her needs met. It's usually one of five things, she is hungry, she needs to go out, she wants to play, she wants a walk, or she wants to go to bed. If I am upstairs working, she will make little crying noises at the bottom of the stairs to alert me. I'll go downstairs open the door & she goes out. Saturday she did this, but when I opened the door she wouldn't go out. Wondering to myself what her problem was, I realized it was her lunch time. So I looked at her & I said, "Are you hungry?" & I kid you not, she very distinctively looked me straight in the eye & nodded her head up & down.

Last Sunday we had our first snow. My husband burst through the door, "Get me the camera!" & this is what he photographed...

This last one is my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Since you don't like me speaking, I had to resort to sign language, notice I had to shake my head strongly so there was no mistaking what I needed. Humans are so hard to train, they require so much patience, I love you anyhow, now about the cat............Priscilla