Monday, April 28, 2008

Boston is a beautiful city

WOW! We had a great time. Last Wednesday we dropped our young teenager off at his school so he could travel with his classmates for an educational trip to Boston. And for the first time in 14 years my husband & I traveled alone to another city other than our own(Boston) and stayed two entire nights by ourselves in a beautiful hotel inside the city.
It's good to know that after all this time we still enjoy each others company. I mean, I knew that before we left of course...then again- until you are completely alone without any other distractions or escape routes, how do you really know? After all the parenting decisions, job issues, household responsibilities, family concerns, the daily clutter of everyday life, how do you know you are still there for each other the way you were in the first place?
I think we know because we are here everyday together. Waking up for breakfast, getting ready for our day, attending to what we are committed too. So it is so good to take a break from all that-just to be.
I am already planning our next trip...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, next time we go, we are planning to spend more then a day there. I also maybe having lunch with Dr. Sewell at Harvard if the timing is right. Lovely Historic City and the best way to see it is to use the public transportation. Love the pics. Thanks, PGrMa