Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A word

In 2007 I chose the word strength. Nine days into that year my brother-in-law Paul died suddenly at the age of 43. It required a tremendous amount of strength to get through 2007. I don't believe my picking the word strength was a coincidence. Inexplicably simply thinking of the word "strength" helped me grieve Paul's death. I also began to notice that not only I, but many of Paul's family members stopped saying, have a good day to each other. It was as if we all knew that wasn't likely to happen while feeling heartbroken over so great a loss. Instead we would say to each other, I hope you find some peace today or, have a peaceful day. I remember my mother in law saying that to me one day, "try and have a peaceful day." I actually felt her thoughtful intention by her using the word peace and it helped me immensely. Words have great power. I believe we all have great responsibility when using them. We can hurt or heal every time we speak.
In 2008, I chose the word Peace. Peace became an anchor for me. When things got a little hairy, and boy did they ever, I would consciously put peace before every other thought as being the most important priority in my mind. Focusing on the word peace became a tool that allowed me to remember to do things that would bring me peace, like simple prayer and meditation or getting enough sleep and exercise or even just eating properly. Focusing on peace brought me a type of mindfulness that I found "strengthening". It's funny to me how things have a way of working out. Though I am adding a new word this year, strength and peace will always be a part of my inner vocabulary. I may not speak them much but I will continue to focus on them and remain mindful of them as they nurture my life.
This is the third year I am picking a word. This year I am a little late. I think my word had to find me and I am here to report that, yes, it did! I actually do not have much spiritual insight as to why I picked this word. It is such a practical word, but I definitely feel like it is a word that found me. Perhaps it is the angels again, doing what they do best, whispering in my ear hoping I might "get" something!

This year my word will be... O R G A N I S E

my baby angel may be a little blurry, but she is an angel nonetheless.


Lydia said...

A beautifully expressed post, Lily. Thanks for the background on your two former years' words. They led you and you handled them wonderfully.

If I had to place a word on this year, organize would be it or darned close to it. I'm in the process of doing just that to all my Christmas ornaments and all of my mother's as well. I'm whittling down the number of boxes that I'll be opening this next holiday season. There's an empty box for the Humane Society Thrift Shop and one for ebay items (I have a neighbor who does ebay as her home business and it'll all go down the street.)

So I'll be thinking of you as this year hums along.

Soulsis said...

Oh great word! I twirled that about my tongue and mind for several weeks before "let go" and "balance" grabbed hold and let me know they were it. Everything you have expressed i have felt about my own words. Isn't it oddly brilliant how they become like children to us? My life will never be the same(in such fab ways) because of the words that have picked me. Great post Soul Sis.
Love you!

Poopsie Blue said...

A fascinating post!
Maybe I should think of a word.
Yours for this years is good, ought to be mine too.

Love your little angel - sadly my tree is artifical, but I still love it.

Best wishes

Lily Hydrangea said...

Wow Thank you so much Lydia. I really appreciate your very kind words.
Not to rush things, but I'm looking forward to how I will connect spiritually to such a practical word by the end of this year!

I love you too my SS! Thanks for being the inspiration behind it.

Hi Blue, I am so very happy you came here to visit. Thank you for your very kind words as well!
: )
I am feeling lots of girl power right now! Thanks ladies.
; )